The Year’s Biggest Blockbusters Are Headed to Theaters in March

The Year's Biggest Blockbusters Are Headed to Theaters in March
The Year's Biggest Blockbusters Are Headed to Theaters in March

If there’s anything that may drag us out of hibernation, it’s a Jennifer Lawrence secret agent mystery, a delusion adventure from Ava DuVernay, and every other lively masterpiece from Wes Anderson.

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Courtesy Red Sparrow

Armed along with her sexuality, a handgun and a ton of wigs, Jennifer Lawrence reunites with Hunger Video Games director Francis Lawrence for a Russian undercover agent mystery, and should the odds be ever in her favor. Glance, we don’t desire a Paul Greengrass-level espionage epic here. We just want to have a really good time at the movies.

In theaters March 2. Get tickets

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Courtesy A Wrinkle in Time

If anyone can faithfully deliver Madeleine L’Engle’s imaginitive time-commute fable, a couple of THIRTEEN-year-old getting into her own, to important-screen lifestyles, it’s Ava DuVernay. The casting of Reese Witherspoon, Oprah Winfrey and Mindy Kaling because the trio of Mrs.’s is solely a bonus.

In theaters March NINE. Get tickets

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Courtesy Foxtrot

Things get unordinary in Samuel Maoz’s Israeli export-turned-awards magnet. Unordinary like random lone camel surrealism. And unordinary like a solider doing the foxtrot together with his spouse, a rifle. a story of fogeys’ grief and the state of Israel, Foxtrot is a bold and brutal dance that’s value your time.

In make a selection theaters March 9. Get tickets

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Courtesy Gringo

Charlize Theron sends a determined David Oyelowo on a reverse drug-smuggle south of the border as Elaine Markinson in this Nash Edgerton comedy thriller, which also stars Thandie Newton, Amanda Seyfried, and Joel Edgerton. If it’s self-attributed white-knuckle action is any place as much as par with its talent, we’re in for a wild ride.

In theaters March NINE. Get tickets

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Courtesy Strangers: Prey at Evening

Yes, we all know what they say about sequels, but we’re willing to silence those fears whilst it comes to Johannes Roberts’ contribution to home-invasion horror. This time, it’s in regards to the bad saps who are tortured by way of a trio of uninvited visitors on the lookout for someone named Tamara.

In theaters March 9. Get tickets

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Courtesy Thoroughbreds

estranged pals in suburbia—one candy (Anya Taylor-Joy), the other now not (Olivia Cooke)—re-ignite their friendship in the so much unusual of the way: through concocting a plan to murder a person they both hate. It’s a brilliant thriller for the millennial age and also marks certainly one of Anton Yelchin’s ultimate films.

In theaters March 9. Get tickets

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Courtesy Tomb Raider

Sure, Angelina Jolie already rocked the Lara Croft franchise within the early aughts. And, yes, the entire Tomb Raider legacy—woman does superhuman things while dressed in a tiny tank most sensible and double-fisting weapons—may be very circa 1993. But right here’s why we’re in: Norwegian action director Roar Uthaug (The Wave) and Alicia Vikander.

In theaters March SIXTEEN. Get tickets

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Courtesy Isle of Canines

Relax assured this animated gem can be as Wes Anderson as Wes Anderson will get. the tale is a couple of boy in search of his canine whose been exiled to Trash Island. But all of us realize that’s where “moderately simple” ends and the genius of a visionary filmmaker’s homage to Jap cinema begins.

In theaters March 23. Get tickets

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Courtesy Unsane

Steven Soderbergh. Claire Foy. An iPhone. That’s all it takes to construct one among the yr’s so much expected mental thrillers. It Is about a mental institute affected person who may or won’t be going insane, and it was filmed solely on the exact same hand held device you’re the usage of to learn this now.

In theaters March 23. Get tickets

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Courtesy Final Portrait

Take A Look At a put up-peach scene Armie Hammer in an Alberto Giacometti biopic directed through the everyman’s actor, Stanley Tucci, and likewise starring Geoffrey Rush. As with most historic features, we’re offered only a chunk of the topic’s existence. Here, that implies the time whilst James Lord posed for a Giacometti original.

In theaters March 23. Get tickets

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Courtesy Ready Player One

Lovers have been giddily getting misplaced in Ernest Cline’s sci-fi web page-turner, on the lookout for his Easter egg in a VR international known as the Oasis, due to the fact 2012. one in every of those fans? Steven Spielberg, who’s bringing it to the large display, fancy solid and glossy effects in tow. But, really, a Spielberg film… in March? Now that’s the true oasis.

In theaters March 29. Get tickets.

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Courtesy Lean on Pete

We Love canine. But discovering an even boy-and-his-dog movie is easier than retrieving the deal with out of a Kong. Input man’s other 4-legged best friend: the pony. In an emotive gem from Weekend director Andrew Haigh, an adolescent unearths friendship in a racehorse. on your mark, prepare: let’s cry.

In limited theaters March 30.

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