Is It Safe to Have Sex With the Flu?

Is It Safe to Have Sex With the Flu?
Is It Safe to Have Sex With the Flu?

TURN ON the scoop at the moment, and you will hear horror tales approximately this season’s flu, one in every of the more virulent lines the U.S. has observed in recent years. Additionally crappy: Flu circumstances proceed to upward push at a time whilst all we want to do is comfortable up with our SOs—not only due to the cold temps but in addition as it’s nearly Valentine’s Day.

So what if you happen to (or your spouse) do come down with the flu, but you another way really feel up for some motion. Is it a positive thing that the inflamed spouse will move it on to the healthy one? 

First, you have got to consider how the virus is transmitted. “The flu is unfold by means of method of respiratory droplets,” explains Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD, a urologist and sexual well being professional at Orlando Health in Florida. “The droplets can unfold by the use of sneezing, coughing, respiring, shaking hands, and kissing.” Those virus-sporting droplets can live as long as 24 hours on counter tops, 1 to two hours on sheets, and 15 to 30 minutes on fingers, says Dr. Brahmbhatt.

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But allow’s come back to whether intercourse is a thumbs up or thumbs down. the chance of taking part in a romp even as one partner has the flu is real. “the overall rule is to stay six feet away from somebody who might need the flu,” says Kate White, MD, assistant professor of ob-gyn at Boston School. For The Reason That being intimate calls for you to be a heck of so much nearer than that, getting it on even as one among you has the flu is basically not instructed.

“the possibilities you’ll get via intercourse with out the sick spouse sneezing, coughing, or even simply breathing on you is extremely not going,” provides Dr. White. Translation: Don’t do it should you realize one among you is inflamed. That applies even if you happen to’ve had a flu shot, as the flu vaccine simplest lowers your possibility of having the flu, but it does not eliminate it.

What complicates issues is that a flu victim may also be contagious a week earlier than they even display flu symptoms, so it’s possible to capture it from a partner who appears to be completely healthy. an individual convalescing from the flu can also be contagious up to seven days after their flu signs subside. For that reason, both Dr. White and Dr. Brahmbhatt counsel refraining from sex for no less than a week after you or your partner are flu-symptom free. 

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Shall We Embrace you just can not keep clear of your partner and think that perhaps now not kissing right through a hookup will reduce your possibilities. Don’t anticipate it. “There’s no method for individuals to be that as regards to one another with out the risk of transmission from the face,” says Dr. White. “if you happen to want to be extremely safe, it’s also an excellent concept to sleep in a separate bed from an inflamed partner.” 

Fortuitously it’s now not all doom and gloom when it comes to sex and the flu. Dr. Brahmbhatt says dressed in a face mask at house if your partner is inflamed will not only lend a hand to keep you flu-free however may be “the perfect technique to are living out that doctor’s administrative center fantasy.” Plus, you’ll be all the extra excited to get it on as soon as you’re each feeling ONE HUNDRED% once more. 

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