Woe betide those who violate Grumpy Cat’s intellectual property

Woe betide those who violate Grumpy Cat’s intellectual property
Woe betide those who violate Grumpy Cat’s intellectual property

IF YOU have been looking at funny footage of cats on the web in 2012, you could keep in mind that an especially grumpy one.

The cat was once named Tardar Sauce (a gross slur, when you consider it), and her house owners changed into very, very rich within the years that adopted. there has been a Grumpy Cat film, Grumpy Cat toys, and all approach of lesser-recognized Grumpy Cat merchandise, principally a miniature business of crap made within the image of this visibly unsatisfied pet.

Now, six years later, that trade is mature, and it’s beginning to spawn its personal lawsuit. This week, Grumpy Cat Restricted (the corporate entity that handles all Grumpy Cat-comparable licensing) won a long-status lawsuit against Grenade Beverage for violating Grumpy-comparable intellectual assets in the coffee trade.

the whole thing makes me really feel just a little crazy

Grenade Beverage didn’t cross totally rogue. in fact, they’d an legitimate licensing settlement for the manufacturing of “Grumpy Cat Grumppuccinos” sic, which turns out to have been lucrative and spiritually rewarding for both events. the issues came whilst Grenade Beverage determined to increase that agreement to a line of Grumpy Cat-branded floor espresso with out Grumpy Cat Ltd.’s past consent and approval, at which point the knives came out.

After more than years of litigation, we in any case got a solution on Wednesday, whilst the courtroom awarded Grumpy Cat Ltd $710,000 in damages. It’s no longer an unreasonable ruling — this really does look like unauthorized use — but the entire thing makes me really feel a bit of loopy. I understand that whilst the memes roamed unfastened, and no person could admit to proudly owning anything else. But instead of loose love and unfastened tradition, we as a society have invested an insane amount of energy into protecting the highbrow property associated with Grumpy Cat. This two-year lawsuit is truly just the top of the iceberg. recall to mind the time spent drawing up these contracts, chartering the three way partnership, even prior to you get to court. you will have to specify precisely what the rules are for every version of the Grump Cat image and emblem, over and over, simply to squeeze each last drop of licensing money out of a congenitally deformed pet.

after all, that is just how internet culture works now, and the only smart decision is to get with this system. So the following time you’re thinking of co-opting a meme, understand that Grumpy Cat, and make sure that you’re doing it in a deferential and legally sanctioned means.

Grumpy Cat Criticism by way of Russell Brandom on Scribd

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