Who Was Andrew Cunanan? What You Need to Know Before ‘American Crime Story’

Who Was Andrew Cunanan? What You Need to Know Before 'American Crime Story'
Who Was Andrew Cunanan? What You Need to Know Before 'American Crime Story'

THE SECOND season of Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Tale is called The Assassination of Gianni Versace and makes a speciality of Versace’s assassin, Andrew Cunanan. Glee’s Darren Criss is taking part in Cunanan within the collection. Before the series premieres tonight, here is the whole thing you wish to have to know in regards to the guy who murdered a way legend.

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1) Cunanan allegedly murdered no less than 5 other folks.

Newsweek reviews that Cunanan’s murders had been brutal, and several have been other folks he already knew. for instance, “in April of 1997, Cunanan informed friends that he was going to Minneapolis to go to an old family member with whom he had unfinished trade. It was once here that he made his first kill: Jeffrey Trail, a former naval officer, crushed to death with a hammer.” Path was once discovered within the condominium belonging to Cunanan’s ex-boyfriend, David Madson. And Cunanan’s next kill happened quickly after, when he murdered Madson.

Cunanan also killed wealthy actual estate magnate Lee Miglin. Miglin’s circle of relatives at all times denied there was any connection between Cunanan and Miglin, though former FBI agent Gregg McCrary told Vainness Truthful it was “highly probable” Cunanan knew Miglin.

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2) He was once incredibly violent.

Cunanan was it sounds as if violent as a youngster. in step with Newsweek, “Associates remembered him slamming his mother in opposition to a wall—onerous sufficient to dislocate her shoulder. that they had reportedly disagreed over his homosexual way of life.”

Many characteristic Cunanan’s violence to his prolific drug use, however a couple of assets declare that he had an delinquent character disorder, which included having an strange loss of empathy.

A Couple Of of the murders Cunanan devoted had been very violent, and in keeping with the Chicago Tribune, “police found stubble in the sink in the rest room—evidence that the killer had shaved.” The proof means that, having killed any individual, Cunanan spent a significant quantity of time in that person’s area, shaving and making himself presentable following the ugly crime.

3) He used to be very smart.

A 1997 profile of Cunanan in Vanity Honest defined him as having until now been “only a homosexual gigolo down on his luck in San Diego.” However The article additionally revealed that he was once a “voracious reader with a said genius-degree I.Q.” Particularly, “he coveted the existence of the rich and well-known,” which might have led him to Versace.


4) He killed several people with the weapon that shot Versace.

Cunanan used the similar gun to shoot Madson, a cemetery caretaker whose truck he desired to steel, and Versace. He extensively utilized the weapon to shoot and kill himself eight days after Versace’s murder.

5) He Is the explanation pawn retail outlets have computerized systems.

In need of cash, Cunanan sold a gold coin to a pawn store in Miami not long ahead of Versace’s murder, and he used his real name and cope with to do so. Despite the pawn retailer’s forms sent robotically to native police to check that items hadn’t been stolen, no-one found out Cunanan’s details in time. If pawn stores had had automatic programs previous to the sale, police may need been able to capture Cunanan prior to he murdered Versace, seeing that he was once already sought after for four murders at that time.

6) He lied about his previous and who he was once.

The Chicago Tribune said in 1997 that “Cunanan invented a wildly fanciful resume,” regularly embellishing, or completely inventing, his history for buddies or associates. consistent with the paper, Cunanan claimed that his “family owned land in New Jersey and he graduated from Choate, a swank Connecticut prep college,” and that “his oldsters have been Philippine plantation house owners.”

Cunanan’s extensive resume of lies incorporated going by the title of Andrew DeSilva. in line with Self-Importance Honest, Cunanan ceaselessly instructed people that “his father was an Israeli millionaire, at different times that he was once a Fifth Street aristocrat.”

7) Cunanan was once used to having older men pay for his way of life.

As Vanity Honest stated in 1997, Cunanan was conversant in a certain usual of dwelling, and he discovered rich, older men to pay for it. One such man used to be called Norman Blachford, who, in step with Self-Importance Truthful, was “a conservative retired millionaire,” paid Cunanan a monthly stipend, and allowed him to are living in of his own houses.

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Newsweek cites a few resources as apparently confirming that Cunanan exchanged intercourse for money and a spot to reside.

8) The police never apprehended him.

Eight days after murdering the rage dressmaker, Cunanan killed himself ahead of the police may arrest him.

NINE) However why Versace?

Journalist Maureen Orth, whose book is the foundation for American Crime Tale, theorizes that Cunanan killed Versace as a result of he resented his money and his success. Newsweek reports that “Cunanan’s pals recalled that he incessantly dropped the trend clothier’s identify.”

However it’s conceivable that the pair had a larger history in combination. Newsweek stories that “there’s one showed assembly among the two, a short lived one, at a San Francisco membership. Witnesses reportedly recalled Versace pointing to Cunanan and pronouncing, ‘I understand you. Lago di Como, no?'” At The Same Time As Cunanan allegedly replied, “thanks for remembering, Signor Versace,” there is no proof pointing to how the pair knew one another. Newsweek theorizes the pair may need met on Lake Como in Italy at Versace’s area at some aspect, particularly since Cunanan was neatly-attached with rich people throughout the homosexual neighborhood. But The precise reason that Cunanan murdered Versace continues to be unclear.

American Crime Tale: The Assassination of Gianni Versace airs on FX on January 17 at 10 PM EST. Buy the e-book

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